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          • President Donald Trump’s proposal to reform the National Environmental Policy Act has won the backing of the National Association of Realtors. NAR President Vince Malta (pictured) said the proposed changes should help to modernize environmental standards while also helping to alleviate housing shortages. The NEPA changes would be the first serious amendment to the Act… [Continue Reading]

            NAR voices support for Trump environmental reforms
          • Rather than go ahead and try to buy a home to actually live in, an increasing number of people are instead opting to purchase a vacation home first of all. CNN.com reported that many first-time buyers are priced out of the market in their current area, especially in cities such as San Francisco and New… [Continue Reading]

            Here’s why buying a second home first might make sense
          • 3-D printing is being pitched as the answer to solve a worldwide shortage of affordable homes, and it can do so quickly as it’s possible to construct a home in this fashion within just 24 hours. A report from Curbed.com highlights the efforts of Icon, a construction technology startup based in Austin, and housing nonprofit… [Continue Reading]

            New Story builds its first 3-D printed homes for low income families in Mexico
          • New Silver, a hard money lender located in West Hartford, Connecticut that specializes in providing lending to real estate entrepreneurs

            New Silver A New Era of Real Estate Lending
          • After extraordinary home value growth characterized a frenzied housing market in 2017 and 2018, this year’s slowdown felt like a welcome return to normalcy for many in the industry. And Zillow is predicting more of the same in 2020, with the market set to stabilize near historic norms. Changing tastes as millennials make up a… [Continue Reading]

            Zillow predicts more stability in housing markets in 2020

          How to Create Smart Home Security System

          The smart home is gaining more and more popularity among people. However, it has one drawback – a rather high cost, which not everyone can afford. That is why many people prefer to configure the system on their own using special programs. Designed specifically for the smart dwelling, they are not so easy to set […]